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In their shoes.

My Story



I’ve made my living from them. Writing them. Speaking them. Editing them. Performing them. Narrating them. 


My first job was at Simon & Schuster Publishing.

My second was acting on stage in New York.  

Now, my job combines both worlds. And their words.



I grew up in the theatre. I've spent a lifetime studying,  
actingdirecting, and doing improv ( in New York, Boston

New England, & Italy.)


Plus acting for financial corporations in Brazil and London.

Voice.  & Stories.


Sometimes people can't use their voice to tell a story - so I tell it for them.


Whether a play about the founding mothers of astronomy or The Washington Post's piece on Afghan women during war - a voice, a story,  can be a catalyst for change. 

And for connection.

My shoes.  & Their shoes.


Manhattan, Boston, the Utah desert, and the mountains of Vermont and Montana have all shaped me. And so has their people and cultures.


Whether a person or a character lives in high heels, cowboy boots, snowshoes, flip-flops, or hiking boots - I can step into their shoes. Walk around in them. Even dance in them. And I've been known to hike in them too. 

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