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Eve Passeltiner outdoors.jpeg

At my core - I combine East-coast savvy with a Western soul.  Plus -- a wry sense of humor.

I am equally at home hiking in a national park, or kayaking on a lake, or working in a pottery studio as I am watching tennis tournaments in Montreal, or visiting museums in Japan, or studying acting and directing in Italy.


Growing up on the west side of Manhattan, I fell in love with reading (spending my babysitting money at Eeyore’s bookstore of "You've Got Mail" movie fame). Even my first job out of college was in publishing. I am now performing the kind of books I used to promote in my cubicle in Rockefeller Center.


For years I was acting in New York and New England creating countless characters -- from scientists to suffragettes, from artists to athletes, and from empresses to entrepreneurs (living in all time periods, from all over the world)  -- which has been the perfect preparation for my narration work. 


Bringing worlds to life through audiobooks is a joy. On any given day I can be a French chef, a Southern lawyer, a British aristocrat, and a Montana mom --and they can all be having a conversation with each other.  


Along with narrating for USA Today and NY Times best-selling authors, voicing  “The Women of Kabul” for The Washington Post’s Webby Award Honoree multimedia piece, I’ve performed on SOVAS (Society of Voice Arts), Independent Audiobook Award, and Audie Award nominated audiobooks as well as an Earphones Award winning title.


I am a member of AEA (the union for theatre actors), SAG-AFTRA (the unionf for film, tv, and voiceover actors), and the Audiobook Publisher’s Association.

All about Eve